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Alejandro Gonzalez and Maikel Rodriguez

Los Pichy Boys
Humor transcends cultures. That’s not to say the same joke is funny everywhere, but if it comes from the minds of Alejandro Gonzalez and Maikel Rodriguez, chances are it’s going to be humorous. Los Pichy Boys, the two Cuban jokesters, got their start in 2007 with just a few videos on YouTube. One of their most-viewed early hits, featuring a concept that would later gain them mass following, was a spoof on the Hollywood blockbuster 300. Los Pichy Boys spun the film, based on the ancient Spartan warrior legend, by voice dubbing. The clips became instant classics with relatable Latin cultural dialogue set to the visuals of Sparta vs Persia. Their company, El Pichy Films Inc., was born soon after. What was once a joke, became Alejandro and Maikel’s business. Today, the comical duo have a massive following all over the world. And with over 100 million views on YouTube, it’s no surprise they have the social platform following comprable to the king of Sparta (that is, if Instagram and Youtube existed back then?!).

The boys fill the feeds of more than 100,000 adoring fans on Instagram, and over 700,000 on Facebook! A quick scroll through the video archives on YouTube and Facebook will provide all the material one needs to entertain for an entire day -- including more dubbing, more spoofs, more pranks, and, yes, definitely more laughs.