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Daniel Rojas

Daniel Rojas Roa, graduated from computer science at the University of Los Andes in Bogotá Colombia in 2009. For his thesis, he created a virtual reality world from Andy’s Warhol art installation, Silver Clouds, through a CAVE environment and a suite from PhaseSpace, he enabled people to walk in a 3D space and play with 3D silver clouds floating in the room as if they were there. Since then, Daniel has been searching for new ways to create immersive projects. In 2012, he accomplished his first 360 video, by creating more than 256 single 360 panoramas, for each revolution he moved step by step toys around the camera from his room, thus creating a 360 video stop-motion. After this discovery, he became in love with this technique and pursued his dreams to create more sophisticated 360 video projects. Now that VR is moving at giant steps, he founded a company called 3GO Video, in Colombia, which creates strategic VR projects for clients who wants to innovate in storytelling and get closer to their customers. Always looking for increasing people’s knowledge on VR, Daniel has been teaching how to think, create, edit and present VR projects. The latter, presenting VR projects is the most important for him, because it can be so powerful that can engage into people's feelings. He thinks, in VR nothing is written, rather, one has to break rules to achieve new storytelling medium.