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Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility

Founded in 1986, the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) is one of the most influential advocacy organizations in the nation representing 14 national Hispanic organizations in the United States and Puerto Rico. Our mission is to advance the inclusion of Hispanics in Corporate America at a level commensurate with our economic contributions. To that end, HACR focuses on four areas of corporate social responsibility and market reciprocity: Employment, Procurement, Philanthropy, and Governance.

Collectively, the Coalition Members reflect the voice of more than 46.6 million Hispanics living in the United States and Puerto Rico, serving those diverse communities through advocacy, education, representation, assistance, capacity building, public policy support, resource development, and the exertion of political influence. HACR Coalition Members work with more than 1,500 affiliate community-based organizations serving the Hispanic community in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, including more than 450 institutions of higher learning enrolling three out of every four U.S. Hispanic college students, and 400 publications with a combined circulation of more than 10 million.

The Hispanic community is the largest minority group and the fastest-growing consumer segment in the nation. With over 50 million consumers, the United States Hispanic population represents 16 percent of the entire population.

For HACR and the Hispanic community, a company’s reputation and goodwill is based on its ability to promote reciprocity in all areas of the company’s business model. To ensure the continued support and patronage of the Hispanic community, a company should strive to employ Hispanics, contract with Hispanic-owned businesses, support Hispanic led organizations, and utilize Hispanic talent to lead its operations in roughly the same proportions that Hispanic consumers support the company.

Through the HACR Research Institute, HACR publishes annual studies on the state of the Hispanic community and corporate best practices in Employment, Procurement, Philanthropy, and Governance. The HACR Corporate Inclusion Index rates corporations in the United States relative to their total Hispanic inclusion practices. By providing information on the status of Hispanics in Corporate America, HACR can focus on issues relevant to Hispanics and investigate solutions to the inequity that exists.